Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tired Athlete Can't Win Series: Part 1

Tired Athlete Can't Win
Part 1

Skills, speed, power, strength, agility, and all the other important aspects that make up a winning athlete goes out the window the moment exhausting kicks in.  Too often athletes and coaches overlook the importance of Fourth Quarter Training.  Regardless of your sport, becoming winded and worn down at the end of a competition will always be the determining factor of who takes home the Victory.  Never skip out on Conditioning simply because you are tired, you are tired because you are unconditioned.

Throughout this series I will be laying out end of practice/training routines to keep the athlete moving strong and powerful.

Routine 1:

Lay out a rectangular area for the athlete that is 100 ft x 200 ft
Walking Overhead Lunges (No less than 15lbs) for the 100ft
Sprint 200ft with weight at chest level
Walking Overhead Lunges 100ft
Sprint 200ft with weight at chest level
20 Sit Ups with weight
20 Leg Raises with weight being held over chest with arms locked out
3 rounds
*Advanced: Add a round for every time the athlete puts the weight down

This is to be preformed at the end of the workout.  After 40-90 minutes of weight training the athlete will have to dig deep inside of themselves to finish.  I strongly believe the workout should be harder than the competition.  If the workouts are easy the wins will be hard, or impossible.
- Joe O'Hara