Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Zealand Champ, Ben Burnell

With our top Javelin Thrower officially making it into PENN RELAYS and Districts, plus a few guys right behind him, it seems fitting that we launch another Javelin interview.  Today we speak with New Zealand Track and Field Gold Medalist and 8th Place World University Games Thrower, Ben Langton Burnell.  As we reach the mid point of our season make sure to review Bens answer in question four.  You need to take care of your body.  One injury can sideline you for a year or more.  Flexibility and mobility are extremely important in this sport and neglecting your body will result in short short throws and big injuries.

Good Luck this season Ben,  I look forward to seeing how 2018 turns out for you, thanks for helping!

1: How did you get started in your Sport?
 Got started through school, I watched it on tv at the Olympic games

2: How do you overcome obstacles in your training/career?
I guess just loving what I do no matter what happens. Things are always going to go wrong but if you love it then it really doesn’t matter.

3: What is your favorite and/or most important exercise for your sport?
Throwing because it’s the only thing I’m good at, I’m not too flash at any other exercises.

4:  What advice would you give a young athlete?
Take care with the conditioning side of things, stretching and body maintenance etc is just as important as lifting heavy weight

5:  How big of a role is nutrition when it comes to your training?
 You only get out what you put in. Nutrition is key for the body to operate well and recover well. A lot of people underestimate this side of sport.

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