Friday, March 30, 2018

Guinness WR Holder and Lumberjill Champion - Erin LaVoie

Today we take a break from our weekly Track and Field post and meet with Guiness World Record Holder, Crossfit Affiliate Owner, and World Champion Lumberjill Athlete, Erin LaVoie.  The sport of Lumberjill/Jack takes strength, speed, skill, endless practice, and determination like no other and Erin has proven over and over again that she possesses all of those traits.

For our athletes:  Now that we are in competition season pay close attention to Erin’s take on Questions 2.  Obstacles will always pop up, something will always get in your way.  Fix it and move on!

Thanks a lot Erin, good luck this season!

1. How did you get started in your sport?

- I was going to school for Forestry at a local Community Collage (Spokane, WA.) The school had a Lumberjack team that practiced down the hallway from my classes.  I have always been in sports, any kind of sport as long as I can remember.  Whatever it was, I wanted to do it.  So naturally, I stumbled into the practice room one day to check it out.  That day was the first day I had picked up an axe.  All of a sudden I was standing on top of a log and swinging that axe in between my feet.  I was intrigued for sure.  I placed in a couple events in my first collegiate competition, then started signing up for some competitions on the Professional Circuit.

2. How do you overcome obstacles in your training/career?

- Some might say that I am pretty unemotional and very driven.  After my sights get set on something - that is all that matters.  If a problem shows up that interrupts my end goal I simply fix it.  It really is just that easy.  I also take set-backs as opportunities to grow - So they don't bother me, they are challenges (I love challenges), that I get to work through and come out stronger/better on the other end.

3. What is your favorite and/or most important exercise for your sport?

- I do CrossFit to stay in the best shape I can for life as well as my sport.  It really helps me keep fit in the off season, when wood is less available to train with.  CrossFit is an amazing "Core to Extremity" ideology, which transfers over to every sport - including swinging an axe, or moving a crosscut saw.  I can mimic a lot of the chopping/sawing movements inside the gym through certain movements, but I like to do everything to keep myself well-rounded.  I think the best type of workout for the sport is definitely interval training.  My favorite is the "Tabata" Clock.  Its a number of rounds of :20 of work, followed by :10 of rest.  I usually chose 2-4 movements, and repeat this interval for 8 rounds of each movement.  It most mimics the 0 to 100 to 0 output that is our sport.

4. What advice would you give to a young athlete?

- Win - Or keep trying!  Have Fun.  And shake everybody's hand along the way no matter what.

5. How big of a role is nutrition when it comes to your training?

- Huge!!!  You can not out train your diet!  Basically if you don't fuel the machine properly, it will not run properly, and definitely not at its best.  Like untying your shoes and going for a sprint.  Its do-able but it doesn't let you do your best, and it opens doors for potential set-backs - falling.  Or with food, the set back would be getting sick from not having all the nutrients you need.

Keep up with Erin’s training at: the_lumberjill on Instagram

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