Thursday, March 15, 2018

TEAM ADIDAS athlete Sofia Bonicalza

Coming to us today is TEAM ADIDAS, Sofia Bonicalza.  You’ll see in her answers just how important the tactical side of training is.  It doesn’t matter how hard you work if you are moving incorrectly.  Perfecting your form is a guaranteed way to increase your success in this sport.

For our athletes:  by now you should notice a consistency with the answer to #5.  EAT LIKE AN ATHLETE!

Good luck this season Sofia!  We look forward to seeing your races online.

1: How did you get started in your Sport?
I got started athletics when I was 11, after many years of classical dancing. I won the sprint competition of the school and I was so fascinate about this sport. At the beginning it was more a game then a sport, but all started to change when I was qualified for my first Italian championship.

2: How do you overcome obstacles in your training/career?
The best way to overcome obstacles in trainings and career is to have precise goals to reach. This help you to work hard and to never give up when something get wrong. The injures and others problems are part of the game, so the only thing we can do is to accept them an look forward. I think that in this my sport help even to overcome the obstacles of the entire life.

3: What is your favorite and/or most important exercise for your sport?
 My favorite exercise is the technical training : it's all about how to improve the movements of the body. And it's not so weary as others!

4:  What advice would you give a young athlete?
 To a young athlete I would say : believe in your dreams and never think you cannot do it. And of course enjoy your sport cause it will teach you a lot.

5:  How big of a role is nutrition when it comes to your training?
 Nutrition is part of training. We are made of what we eat, so if we want to perform we need to eat healthy. The figure of the nutritionist is important almost as the coach.

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